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My favorite web courses for indie authors!

I've learned so much from author courses over the years. I found tons of free resources on the internet, but I also like to spend money if it means that I'll get a comprehensive course on a certain topic. 

The three courses below are the best ones I've taken to date! I hope you'll check them out and see if they're a good fit for you.

Some of the links below might be affiliate, which means I earn a small commission from recommending the course with no extra cost to you. That doesn't mean I don't wholeheartedly support these courses and creators - these truly are my top-favorite ones (hence the small number of them)!

HB90 Bootcamp

You can check it out here!

This is a course by Sarra Cannon of the Heartbreathings YouTube channel, which is one of the best author channels out there. I've been a part of this course for years, and it has revolutionized how I approach the planning of my author career. It offers up a very realistic way of setting goals and methods for following them so those goals don't end up like most New Years resolutions do. 

It opens up four times a year, before the start of each quarter, so: early December, early March, early June, and early September. Check it out here!

The Money Magic Membership

You can find it here!

This one is so interesting! It's a monthly membership by authors Renee Rose and Lee Savino. I'm a big fan of their energy work. I never used to be a very woo-woo person, so I 100% understand your skepticism if this sounds weird to you, but starting mindset work was one of the best things I've done not just for my author career but also for my personal life

The Money Magic Membership includes a monthly clearing group call where Lee and Renee lead the conversation on abundance, law of attraction, etc, and also has a library of videos that will get you set up for clearing your blocks and manifesting your dreams. There are meditations, old clearing calls, and recommended reads in the library as well!

Publish and Thrive

Find it here!

Publish and Thrive opens up twice a year (or it has so far in the previous years) and is the most comprehensive indie publishing course I've seen so far. It's an incredible resource both for beginners and for experienced authors looking for a course that covers all the basics. Sarra has videos ranging from the very foundations of the business (choosing your genre and pen name, writing standalones vs series) to more complex issues, like choosing between Amazon exclusivity and wide publishing, uploading your books to various retailers, calculating sell-through, etc.

The "Thrive" part alone, which focuses on the mindset and longevity of the author career, is worth the price, in my opinion. This career can be so hard - and lonely - and it's just incredibly nice to have a mentor to hold your hand through it all. Sarra really goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering value. See the course here!

Happy writing!

xo, Zoe



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