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Her Orc Blacksmiths by Zoe Ashwood

Hi, dear reader!

I'm super happy to announce that Her Orc Blacksmiths is now out in the world! This is a full-length MMF orc fantasy romance set in the world of the Black Bear Clan, and you'll get to meet some of your favorite characters while you follow Jasmine, Morg, and Torren's story. 

And best of all, it's completely FREE at the moment!

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Her Orc Blacksmiths by Zoe Ashwood

I wanted a husband…and got two orc mates instead. 

When my groom-to-be leaves me standing alone at the altar, I only want to escape. So I pack my bags and sneak out of my parents’ house in the middle of the night. But instead of going to a larger human city, I turn north, toward the orc lands.

I’ve heard enough about orcs to know they treat women well, and I want a husband of my own - one who won’t run away but would cherish and love me instead.

But now two orc blacksmiths want to claim me, saying I’m their fated mate. 

Morg is young and handsome, a charming male whose every touch ignites a fire inside me. But Torren, an older orc with more experience, gives me everything I need, making me feel safe and loved from the very first day.

I should be happy to have either one of them - but what if picking only one will ruin all our chances of happiness? 

Her Orc Blacksmiths is a full-length spicy orc fantasy romance in which the heroine doesn’t need to choose between her two heroes, and the heroes develop a loving relationship of their own. It takes place in the world of the Black Bear Clan and has a full happy ending. You’ll enjoy this story if you like cozy romance vibes and size difference issues (times two). 

Read it today!


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