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Deep Sea Kiss (Norse Sea Dragons #1) by Zoe Ashwood

Deep Sea Kiss (Norse Sea Dragons #1) - a sea dragon shifter romance duet, now complete!

She’s a single mama searching for her twin babies’ father. Instead, she comes across his brother - a sea dragon shifter trying to protect his clan… and her twins.

Lottie moved to Norway for an adventure, falling in love with the country and meeting a mysterious man. After her baby daddy went missing, she was left on her own to take care of twins. To make it worse, her missing partner’s brother now says he’s dead. And that Lottie’s babies may not be entirely human.

Eiric’s search for his brother’s murderer is derailed. Charming Lottie appears on his doorstep, claiming his brother knocked her up. But Eiric’s family is different - they’re sea dragon shifters, and Lottie can’t ever know.

The babies must be protected at all costs. With sparks flying between the sea dragon and his brother’s baby mama, things are going to ignite when the danger looming over them strikes...

Deep Sea Kiss is a steamy paranormal romance. This is part one of a completed duet. 


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Deep Sea Love (Norse Sea Dragons #2) by Zoe Ashwood - a steamy paranormal romance

Deep Sea Love (Norse Sea Dragons #2)

A sea dragon king and a witch seeking her lost brother are a dangerous match...

Nia’s half-brother disappeared in Norway. He’s either in hiding…or dead. Nia’s coven is after the grimoires he took, and they think she might be involved. That’s why she’s freezing her ass off in a tiny Norwegian village, looking for him. 

Magnus is the worst king in the history of their sea dragon clan. Considering his father - and his father before him - was a brutal tyrant, that’s saying something. But his problems just keep piling up. His mother destroyed the one clue that could shed light on his younger brother’s murder, and someone is sniffing after the dead witch at the village, meddling in things better left alone. 

Whatever happens, Magnus must keep his clan safe and protected from humans and witches both. And the woman he saved from being fish bait is a complication he can’t afford. Even if she’s stirring feelings inside him he hasn’t experienced, ever. Even if she might be exactly what he and his clan need. 

Deep Sea Love is a steamy paranormal romance, the second book in the Norse Sea Dragons duet. Order it today and dive right into the cold, mysterious waters of Norway!

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Norse Sea Dragons duet by Zoe Ashwood

Want to read a finished paranormal romance duet? You can now get the Norse Sea Dragons duet in one neat package. 

“Go away. My brother is dead.”

When Lottie learns her baby twins’ father died - violently - she is determined to make friends with his brother. The man is grumpy, secretive, and strange, but she wants her kiddos to know their family, so she’s stuck with Eiric.

Eiric wants nothing more than to send his dead brother’s ex packing, but she claims Mikkel is the father of her kids. Which is a problem, because their family isn’t exactly…human. And if the twins inherited the ability to shift into sea dragons, the pretty human is in for a world of trouble.

But humans aren’t the only ones who would love to get their hands on the vulnerable babies. Someone is watching Lottie and her kids, and Eiric is the only one who can protect them. To do that, however, he’ll need to earn her trust - and reveal his true nature to her.

If you love Vikings, dragon shifters, and stunning Norwegian settings, dive into this story today!

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