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Tempted - Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #1 - Zoe Ashwood

Tempted (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #1) - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance - SERIES COMPLETE!


Amber Bay, Alaska, has it all.

A cozy log cabin with a roaring fireplace? Check.

A remote location where my family can’t find me? Check.

Three hot guys I can’t stop thinking about? Also check.

But the small off-grid town also has a mysterious undercurrent running through it. People are wary of strangers - even though they don’t know I’m a witch - and mothers shoo their children away when I’m near.

Something’s not right here, and I intend to find out what it is.

But I’m afraid that digging up this town’s secrets might expose my own.

Tempted is a reverse harem paranormal romance perfect for readers who enjoy sassy heroines, sexy sea dragon shifter heroes, and enough steamy scenes to heat up even a cold Alaskan night. This is the first book of a finished trilogy.


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Ensnared - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Zoe Ashwood (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #2)

Ensnared (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #2) - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

When I arrived in Alaska, I thought I signed up for a simple IT job.

I didn’t think I’d have to create a massive magic spell with my funky witchy powers – for a village of sea dragons, no less.

But here I am. Surrounded by my family’s mortal enemies, trying to learn spells most five-year-olds can perform, and getting flustered over guys who turn into mythical beings.

The worst thing: I don’t even mind that much. Because as terrifying as this new world is,  these three men make it worthwhile.

With every look, every touch, every kiss, I get more addicted.

Until the moment my old life catches up with me, bringing dangers I never saw coming. Everything I’ve worked to build might shatter with one false move.

Unless I figure out how to be the witch I was meant to be.

Ensnared is a reverse harem paranormal romance, the second book in the Sea Dragons of Amber Bay trilogy. Skye’s story continues in this thrilling sequel. Order your copy today!

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Seduced (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #3) by Zoe Ashwood

Seduced (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #3) by Zoe Ashwood - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance 


Enemies are closing in, threatening those I love.

You’d think witch hunts were a thing of the past, but it turns out, some dragons aren’t happy with a witch living in their village.

What’s worse, my family can’t seem to let me go, and I’m scared of how far they’ll go to keep me from using my magic.

If I have to leave Amber Bay to save my men from being hunted, then that’s what I’ll do. Even if my heart will break with every mile I put between us.

But they won’t let me go.

They’ll fight for me until their last breath, and I want nothing more than to stay with them.

No matter what the future brings.

Seduced is the last book in this thrilling, steamy reverse harem trilogy! Find out how Skye’s story ends!

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Sea Dragons of Amber Bay Box Set by Zoe Ashwood - reverse harem paranormal romance

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