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Ensnared - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Zoe Ashwood (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #2)

Ensnared (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #2) - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

When I arrived in Alaska, I thought I signed up for a simple IT job.

I didn’t think I’d have to create a massive magic spell with my funky witchy powers – for a village of sea dragons, no less.

But here I am. Surrounded by my family’s mortal enemies, trying to learn spells most five-year-olds can perform, and getting flustered over guys who turn into mythical beings.

The worst thing: I don’t even mind that much. Because as terrifying as this new world is,  these three men make it worthwhile.

With every look, every touch, every kiss, I get more addicted.

Until the moment my old life catches up with me, bringing dangers I never saw coming. Everything I’ve worked to build might shatter with one false move.

Unless I figure out how to be the witch I was meant to be.

Ensnared is a reverse harem paranormal romance, the second book in the Sea Dragons of Amber Bay trilogy. Skye’s story continues in this thrilling sequel. Order your copy today!

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Tempted - Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #1 - Zoe Ashwood

Tempted (Sea Dragons of Amber Bay #1) - a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance


Who knew one small mistake—that just happened to go viral—would result in being exiled from my family and shunned by my coven? 

Not me. Yet here I am, in nowhere, Alaska, armed only with a laptop and my Pomeranian.

But even witch magic can’t prepare a girl for the freezing temperatures, murderous moose, or the abundance of hot men.

Jack, Ty, and Aiden walked straight out of the freezing ocean like some mythical gods, water sluicing from their broad shoulders. What starts as burning attraction quickly turns into searing kisses and hot nights between the sheets. 

But something isn’t right in this tiny Alaskan village. There aren’t any tourists. There’s no internet, and the locals shoo their children away when I walk past in the streets. 

There are secrets here I long to uncover. But not if that means the risk of exposing my own. 

Tempted is a ‘why choose’ paranormal romance perfect for readers who enjoy sassy heroines, sexy sea dragon shifter heroes, and enough steamy scenes to heat up even a cold Alaskan night. This is the first book of an ongoing trilogy.


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Cold Temptation by Zoe Ashwood

Cold Temptation, the second book of the Ice Planet Rendu series, is out now!


Zoologist Mika Yadama has her hands full exploring a new alien world - the only problem is that the planet itself keeps trying to kill her. And the one male assigned to be her guide seems to be keeping his distance.

Kol ad Naals wants nothing more than to give in to temptation and drag Mika off to his bed, yet she’s leaving in six weeks. He’s lost enough people already, and he won’t allow himself to care for the human. 

That would be easier if she didn’t put herself in constant danger - rescuing her from certain death ties them together whether he likes it or not. 

But the environment and the lethal alien species aren’t the only threats to their relationship, and as a series of mysterious break-ins occurs in the capital, Kol’s duty to his queen and his nation must come first. If only it didn’t mean letting go of the only woman he ever wanted to keep.

Cold Temptation is a steamy Sci-Fi alien romance perfect for readers who like sexy alpha males and quirky, independent heroines. It can be read as a sequel to Cold Attraction or as a standalone, and it features a full HEA. Dive into this sexy series today!


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Cold Attraction by Zoe Ashwood

Cold Attraction is out now! This is a steamy SciFi Romance that takes place on an ice planet! 


She’s hot for an alien…

Adriana is the first human to walk the icy planet Rendu as part of an exploration mission from Earth. An extraterrestrial anthropologist, she’s charged with observing the alien culture and finding out what makes them tick. One particularly gruff male makes her heart race and sends her professional judgment out the window…


… but he’s cold as ice.

Taron ad Naals brought an expedition of humans to his planet, only to find his home in political turmoil. The King is dead, and unscrupulous enemies threaten the young Queen’s life. On top of that, a certain voluptuous, warm-blooded scientist is set on uncovering secrets that should remain buried. One warm touch, and he’s hers: she brings him pleasure he never imagined existed.


Her love will melt his defenses.

As Adriana’s curiosity triggers a dangerous mess of galactic proportions, Taron must race to save her life. Yet she is the one who will rescue him – and his entire nation.

Cold Attraction is a steamy standalone Sci-Fi romance perfect for fans of sexy alpha aliens and strong heroines. It features a full HEA and has no cliffhangers. Get it today! 


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Make Him Howl by Zoe Ashwood

MAKE HIM HOWL (Shift #3)


Funny how a wolf can survive after losing half his soul. Twice.  Gabriel is living in a nightmare. His sloppy mistake allowed rogue shifters to kidnap Parker, his best friend and partner. Unwilling to rest and plagued with memories of his twin brother who’d died in his arms, he pushes himself to the limits of endurance in his hunt to retrieve Parker.

Until the day she saves herself.

Parker thought that being secretly in love with her partner was the low point of her career. She was wrong. Forced to compete in shapeshifter cage fights, she commits an unspeakable act she can never undo. With her mind and body too bruised to resume her former job, she’s fighting to keep sane. Keeping away from overprotective Gabriel is even harder.

But their enemies are closing in, hurting shifters and humans alike. With so much to lose, their only solution will be to fight together, even if this brings up truths they’re not ready to face.


Make Him Howl is coming on April 4, 2019! Preorder now on Amazon or add it to Goodreads and Bookbub. You can also read Chapter One!

Truth or Bear by Zoe Ashwood

TRUTH OR BEAR (Shift #2)


Even a lone wolf’s heart can be broken.

Nikolai’s life was going just fine—until he was betrayed. He’s lost his job, his family’s trust, and his purpose, all for the cost of falling for a pretty bear. Now his friends have turned against him and they won’t stop until he’s dead. The last thing he wants to do is join forces with the woman responsible, but she might be his only chance at survival.

Getting kidnapped and shot was not part of Claire’s plan—and neither was falling for the lieutenant of the very organization she swore to destroy. Now working with Nik is dredging up all sorts of unwanted, heated memories. She couldn’t resist him when they first met, and nothing has changed when she sees his handsome face again.

But when rogues threaten their families, claws come out. Keeping secrets might have been their job description, but they’ll have to come clean to beat their enemies.


Truth or Bear is live now! Get it on Amazon and add to Goodreads or BookBubYou can also read Chapter One!


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Trust the Wolf by Zoe Ashwood (Shift #1)

TRUST THE WOLF (Shift #1) is out now!


You never forget your first wolf.

Emilia’s first encounter with Jason is memorable: it’s not every day you see a stranger change into a wolf. Her attraction to him is undeniable, but the secret he shares shakes the foundations of her life.

Jason’s need for Emilia unnerves him. It’s his job to report shifters without proper ID, yet he can’t make himself do it this time. The decision bites him in the tail when he discovers exactly who she is. He must keep his distance—or there will be hell to pay.

Their fates entwine when rogue shifters learn of Emilia’s identity and will stop at nothing to get to her. Emilia and Jason will have to fight together or risk losing everything.

But most of all? Emilia must learn to trust the wolf.


TRUST THE WOLF is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited right here! You can also add it on Goodreads and BookBub, and here's the Pinterest board that serves as my inspiration for the series. 

You can also read Chapter One and a sexy excerpt!


Zoe's media kit is here (opens a dropbox link).

Bearly Married by Zoe Ashwood

A free prequel novella for the Shift series!


Love is a great reason to marry someone, but so is desperation.

Alexandre Thibault needs to marry an heiress: his clan’s finances are decimated, and his cousin is challenging him for leadership. He has even found the perfect woman—a pure-blood bear shifter with a hefty dowry—though he never expected the heat between them.

Christine Bergeron will do anything to escape her family home, though exchanging the city for Canadian wilderness isn’t as easy as she’d imagined. Especially when she’s in danger of losing her heart to a man who might never love her back.

But as their enemies threaten their family, Alexandre and Christine will need to work together or risk losing their safe haven—and each other.


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