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Deep Sea Kiss by Zoe Ashwood - a steamy paranormal romance set in Norway


Do you know what it feels like to be holding on to an incredibly exciting secret, but you can’t tell anyone about it? 


That’s how I felt for more than a year with my Norse Sea Dragons series. I wrote Deep Sea Kiss twelve months ago with the intention of including it in an anthology, but then the world changed, and my plans changed, and here we are now, finally at a point where I can share this awesome world with you. 


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I’ve talked before about my inspiration process and how the setting is always almost like a character for me - an essential part of the story that either helps or hinders my hero and heroine in unexpected ways. 


In Sea Dragons of Amber Bay, that meant dropping temperatures, moose, and deep forest. In Norse Sea Dragons, that means the vast ocean, the stunning Norwegian coastline, and stark weather that only the strongest survive.


My stories always begin as snippets and scenes that I scribble into one of my many notebooks. For this series, it was the image of a single mother, an American expat, living in Norway because she fell in love with the land and its harsh, often cruel beauty. She's alone with her baby twins - and she's looking for their father who disappeared on her. BOOM! A story is born! And then comes *wait for it* the Pinterest board! 


I’m a visual person, and seeing my setting and characters in photos is incredibly helpful for me. I started to fill this board almost two years ago, and I love how it came together. Check it out on Pinterest (and follow me!). :)


Zoe Ashwood - Norse Sea Dragons - paranormal romance inspiration

I also watch documentaries about the settings - because I’ve never been to Norway or Alaska (or any of the amazing locations I have coming up in my next reverse harem series). 


If you have a moment - and if you want your wanderlust kicked into high gear - check out these two videos of Norway and its beautiful landscapes.


  • The first is a short clip with some great recommendations for visits! 
  • The second is a soothing video accompanied by beautiful music that just takes you there. *sigh* I can’t wait to be able to travel there someday!


Lofoten islands - Norway

Photo by Ophélie Authier on Unsplash


While it might be hard to travel right now, books are always a great escape! Deep Sea Kiss will take you to the Norwegian coastline where dragons roam...literally. Lottie and her twin babies have no idea what’s coming for them, and that their lives will change completely! 


Take this chance to dip your toes in the freezing waters of the North Sea and find out what Eiric and his family are hiding. Order your copy of Deep Sea Kiss today (available in Kindle Unlimited): Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - Amazon AU - International

You can also read Chapter One here and add or review it on Goodreads or BookBub.


Deep Sea Kiss - a paranormal romance by Zoe Ashwood


Deep Sea Kiss is the first book of the Norse Sea Dragons duet, with Deep Sea Love, the sequel, coming soon!


Happy reading!

xo, Zoe


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