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Inspiration for the Shift Series by Zoe Ashwood

My stories are the product of an overactive imagination (as with most authors) and various snippets I pull from everyday life. But when creating characters or the general vibe of a book, I use both images and music to help me pinpoint the exact ideas. 



I don't write with music, yet I listen to these songs so I get in the right mood - they either correspond to the main characters or the theme of the entire story. It's music these characters would listen to - this is what's blasting in their earphones on their morning commute. Or it might be that a song just captures a certain character's personality. 



This is the playlist for Trust the Wolf



And for Truth or Bear



And lastly, for Make Him Howl.


I wonder if listening to these while reading will mean you're getting "inside" the book even more? Let me know if you ever give it a try. 


I'm also a visual person so I pick my heroine and hero inspiration on Pinterest for every one of my books! If you're a Pinterest person, go poke through my boards. A little sample of my heroes - and moody shots of forests and cabins - is right here:



Have I convinced you to check them out yet? ;)


I also found a beautiful real-life inspiration for Bear Central, aka the Thibault Village in the Canadian wilderness - read the post right here!


I'm looking forward to writing the last book of the series, Only Human, and hoping you'll love my series as much as I do! Three books are now out, so you can get a decent binge! Start today.


Happy reading!



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