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My writing resolutions and plans.

Hello and happy new year! 


How are you finding the first week(s) of 2017? My whole family has come down with a bad mix of colds, ear infections, and even pneumonia, so we're stuck inside, drinking loads of tea and just trying to breathe most of the time. But we're slowly on the mend (hopefully), which means it's time to start implementing my new year's resolutions


I want to share some of them here with you - the ones that concern my writing and this site - so I'll hold myself accountable. It's a trick I play on myself, practically shaming myself into completing as many of the resolutions as possible. Not the healthiest of habits, I know, but it's a powerful motivator for me. I know myself well enough to be reasonably sure I won't be too stressed if I don't complete all of them, but writing them down in a public space where others might see them will make me try harder. So here they are:


I want to

  • edit Here to Stay until it's finished and ready for querying (preferably by February 28).
  • edit my second WIP (a paranormal romance I mentioned) and plot the story arc of the series. 
  • have at least two critique partners read the second WIP.
  • blog twice a month here at
  • start querying Here to Stay in March. 
  • keep up the Facebook group Edit & Repeat.
  • step up my social media game.
  • participate in all three NaNo events (Camp NaNo in April and July and NaNoWriMo in November).
  • be a better critique partner and not take months to critique a novel.
  • keep my new #writechain going (currently at 69 links; previous best 164)
  • possibly write the first draft of the sequel to Here to Stay


Now, I know this might seem like a lot but most of the goals overlap in some way or another (for example blogging here more regularly will help me get more content to share on my social media). These are my stretch goals and if I achieve them all, I'll definitely feel like a boss.


Here's to a great year of writing, blogging, and getting to know more writers and readers! 


What are your resolutions and plans for 2017? I'd love to hear from you! 


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