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Her Orc Gentleman (Black Bear Clan #6) is now available!

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Writing Ozork's story has been on my wishlist ever since I wrote the first chapter of Her Orc King, because Ozork appears there as the gruff orc warrior accompanying Dawn, the first book's heroine, to the orc lands. He's been present throughout the series, and now he finally gets his well-deserved happy ending.

Her Orc Gentleman is out today, and you can get it on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited as usual, and I've also put up the paperback. 


Her Orc Gentleman - an orc fantasy romance - by Zoe Ashwood


When your family sends you to the orc kingdom to get rid of you, you know you’ve really messed up.

Perhaps scratching the face of a rich lord was an excessive reaction to his attempt to win my hand in marriage. But how could I have known he’d get an infection and lose his eye?

When the entire duke’s court turns against me, my uncle offers me a way out: serve as his emissary to the lands of King Gorvor, disappear from the public eye for a while, and return after people forget all about me.

It seemed like a good idea at the start, but now I’m trying to navigate the orc court, and it’s not going great.

In fact, an orc warrior has attached himself to my side, claiming I’m his fated mate. I want to hate him, because he’s always there, watching over me, protecting me - and my cat - but he’s more of a gentleman than any of the men I met in human lands.

And when he offers to show me what being mated to an orc could be like, I cannot resist him for long. The issue is, I’m only here for the winter, and leaving might be more painful than I thought.

Her Orc Gentleman is an orc fantasy romance and features a scarred warrior hero and a younger bookish heroine. This is an age-gap romance with size difference issues and is set in the world of the Black Bear Clan. You can read it as a standalone with a full HEA, but you might enjoy getting to know the world by starting at book one.

** This is Ozork and Willow’s story. **

Read it today!


Her Orc Gentleman by Zoe Ashwood


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